Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Texas Wedding in Summer Outfit

Top- H&M
Circle Skirt- Handmade (by yours truly using a vintage pattern)
Heels- Steve Madden
1950s Straw Purse- Buffalo Exchange

This outfit actually came together at the last second. My hair is naturally very straight, the complete opposite of what I prefer and combined with the humidity in San Antonio, Texas I did not have a fighting chance this day. Yet I still tried to curl my hair with an iron and wasted the time I should have spent getting an outfit on. On a whim I grabbed this skirt I had just made the day or two before and a top from H&M I've had for some time but never wore. Luckily it came together and I this is what I wore for the summer wedding of my two beautiful friends Valerie & George. (Photos of the wedding to come shortly.) 

The skirt is the first circle skirt I had ever attempted, I used a vintage pattern from the 1950s, some gingham fabric I had just picked up at a theater prop store near my work days before. I did not have any interfacing at the time for the waistband so I used muslin fabric, which I do not recommend, the band on this skirt folds and wrinkles after sitting. But the skirt is definitely not a loss even with the soft waistband and is one of my new favorite skirts. You can hardly see it but I also have a nude cardigan draped over my right arm that I wore later as the night got chilly.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Today Was a Good Day

Glasses- Busseys Flea Market
Top- Torrid (altered by yours truly)
Belt- Thrifted
Pants- Thrifted
Heels- Melrose

This day was such a lovely day, my friend Nicole had her baby shower so I got a chance to see all of my beautiful San Antonio girls as well as Nicole and her little bun in the oven Sophia. 

This top from Torrid originally had lace inserts and was way to large in the waist but fit perfect in the bust, so I altered it to be tighter in the right spots, removed the lace knowing I would wear it more often and so I could enjoy it more. Voila!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

After the Premiere

1950s Pendleton Cape- Thrifted
1960s sweater dress- Thrifted
Stockings- What Katie Did
Heels- Steve Madden

One thing I have always wished for in my wardrobe, was a cape. Some winters I would scroll ModCloth or ebay looking for the perfect one, but never did anything grand enough appear. Especially since it is kind of a big leap of faith ordering online at times.

Then one lucky day in a Texas Thrift Store I found this beaut, and its funny because I almost did not browse the coats section that day. I believe it was summer and also when I thrift I usually have a mental image of what I am looking for so I start in that section (usually dresses or skirts) and then if I have time I will browse all sections. You never know where your gem is hidden, I also like to browse past the mens section because sometimes things get misplaced. Back to the cape, well I thumb through the jackets and skip over this one (can you believe that I skipped over this beauty) and then after thumbing through a few more jackets something told me to go back and take a closer look at the last 5 or 6 coats. That is when I realized this was a cape not a jacket or a coat, a Pendleton to be exact, and dead stock too. I nearly screamed out loud and forked over the 14.99 with a huge smile on my face. Its one of my favorite pieces I own.